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at the moment

i don’t want to move.

don’t want to get up,

just want to be.

just want a moment

when there’s not one.

time to make moves, silly little emily.


there’s really not much

to even rhyme with my name,

but if i had to pick a word, it’d be simile

because that’s what my life is.

and i’m just wondering...

are you the one that feels just like me?


i feel weak and i’m helpless,

filled with the burden of unrest.

i know my time is coming,

but grow sick of this test.


i just want to be held


can we be done for now?


i’m so tired.

God please give me a sign

that i’m on the right path,

that i’m doing my time.

© emily renee gold | plz do not use text without permission.

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