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no longer

i am not your tree to chop

i am not the mud beneath your shoes

i am not your home to dirty

or light on fire when you choose


i am not your safety

from the storms you brew inside

i am not a dumpster

for the shit you try to hide


i am not to be caged

by the bars of judgment you prescribe

i am a wildfire with dragon wings

my own miracles to imbibe


no longer did i stay with you

as your flags began to fly

no longer did i believe

as tears cleared my eye


and as i sifted through the shadows

making peace amongst the ash

i found my beautiful heart beating

i found who i am at last


i am the sky, i am the ocean

i am the light transcending all

i am my flame of truth in darkness

i am no longer, and never more, small.

© emily renee gold | plz do not use text without permission.

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